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Kannjj.com is an exciting new marketplace curating the very best of artisan South Asian clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Kannjj came to us requiring a complete ecommerce overhaul. We focused on developing an updated front end UI to make the user experience more accessible and a back end fit for purpose. After evaluating several potential platforms, it was decided that Shopify was the best match. With well over 1000 products listed, the site had to work efficiently and optimally across all devices. PD successfully integrated Shopify within 1 month and imported over 1000 products with multiple variations across 20 different product categories. An additional challenge – implementing the complex shipping and handling rules into the user experience – was ultimately overcome by building custom code to manage this aspect. Design creation was informed by extensive research into Kaanjj’s consumer segment, with the airy final design showcasing their collection in a digital shop window – high-end but accessible, always with a strong visual sense of the collection’s South Asia heritage

/ The results

As a result of PD’s work, Kaanjj is now experiencing exponential growth. To support that growth, in conjunction with our sister agencies PD is also managing a monthly digital marketing campaign spanning social media, PPC and more traditional real world advertising.

Using a joined up marketing campaign online stretched across various channels, we have helped drive early brand awareness and sales through targeted precision marketing.

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